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In the last five years, video traffic has almost tripled around the world. Today, videos make up 72% of mobile views.

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is essential to stay ahead of the curve and grow your business. Data shows that multimedia content increases brand awareness and customer loyalty over time, making video a key ingredient in telling your brand’s story.

Production Code heads a network of experts who will support you every step of the way, from drafting the video’s subject and screenplay, to selecting the cast and the professionals involved in your project, to picking the ideal location.

We will also be at your side filming, editing and refining your film.

Photo Shooting

A photoshoot is a collection of pictures for the world of fashion and/or art. It is designed for advertising purposes and is therefore used to create multimedia content for websites, social media, magazines and a number of offline communication channels.

Production Code heads a network of professionals who will support you throughout the entire process, from selecting the cast, professionals and location to post-production and editing.

Branded Content

The digital revolution has profoundly impacted the needs and habits of consumers. Most importantly, it has revolutionized the way we advertise. Advertising today means entertaining and engaging audiences by using new communication strategies and tools.

An alternative to traditional advertising, Branded Content conveys the value of a brand without using explicit advertising messages.
Branded Content is the answer to brands’ strong need for engagement and storytelling.

Production Code will be by your side during every stage of producing branded content. We will oversee the creation of the concept, storyboard and screenplay and help you select the best ambassadors for your company. We will ensure that only the best cast members and professionals are involved in your project and we will take charge of editing and planning a strategy to share your content.

Short Movies

In a world more and more geared towards non-traditional forms of advertising, Production Code will work alongside you to produce short movies to convey your brand’s image.

Companies are increasingly interested in brand storytelling, creating branded content and multimedia projects that can be shared on social media, video platforms, television and even cinemas and film festivals.

Production Code heads a network of professionals who will support you through every step of making a short movie to tell your brand’s story. We will oversee the creation of the screenplay and we will help you choose the right cast, professionals and location to shoot your short movie. We will shoot and edit your video project and plan an effective strategy to ensure you reach your target audience.


Production Code’s network of professionals will help you produce high-quality content for cinema and TV. As a production company, we work with a variety of editorial platforms, creating multimedia content to be shared in cinemas and via video platforms.

Product Placement

Product placement (or embedded advertising) is a form of promotion that showcases or exposes your products by featuring or mentioning them in a film, TV series or radio program so that they are inadvertently perceived by viewers.

A number of studies have proven that product placement has a significant impact on audiences. When advertised explicitly, products leave a lasting impression in approximately 30% of viewers, a figure which reaches over 50% if the product is shown up close.

However, if the main character is seen using the product, its visibility reaches 80%. These are staggering figures when compared to other forms of advertising.

As an experienced production company, Production Code will design product placement strategies tailored to meet your brand’s specific needs.

Special Events

Thanks to an extensive network of partners, Production Code offers a comprehensive communication service to meet all your requirements, organizing special online, offline or hybrid events, designed to fit your brand.

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