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In a world that is increasingly interconnected, mankind and devices have become inextricably linked. our stories, emotions and dreams are our saving grace.
High-quality content has never been more important in attracting customers, generating leads, developing inbound marketing and boosting online sales.

Content Creators

Production Code originated as a production company after working for many years in advertising and marketing.

We are based in Florence and Milan but also have correspondents in London, Shanghai and Beijing.

We create a broad spectrum of content, ranging from video clips that are only a few seconds long to TV series and regularly work for businesses, international broadcasting companies, creative agencies and cinemas.

We have a passion for telling our customers’ stories in a moving and impactful way.

We are an international group of professionals who regularly work with leading film directors, actors, screenwriters and photographers.

Our work has led us to the red carpet of festivals around the world, representing society and interpreting an ever-evolving language.

Strategy & Digital Consultants

Our vocation for all things beautiful and for all emotions worth sharing came about after years of experience in the field and is now enhanced by a modern approach to digital technology and a natural propensity for e-commerce.

We produce content to express the core concept of each brand, laying the foundation of an impactful online marketing strategy aimed at increasing the notoriety of a brand and boosting sales.

Production Code is your ideal partner when positioning your company, branding your business and planning your digital marketing activities to achieve your goals, with a particular focus on lead generation and e-commerce, hence our partnership with Spotify.

What our customers say about us

Alberto De Martini

"The most important thing when working in production is to feel that you are in good hands. That's the feeling I got from working with Production Code. Plus, there’s a light-hearted atmosphere that is always good for creativity".

Alberto De Martini
CEO Conic Agency

Gabriele Surdo

"I remember working with DODO with great pleasure. We immediately got on well and we established a good relationship, based on listening and trusting each other, which are essential ingredients for working together successfully, optimizing budgets, meeting deadlines and achieving customer satisfaction. A good experience to be repeated."

Gabriele Surdo
Film Director


“We worked during a very critical period as it was during the COVID-19 lockdown and I therefore further appreciated the professionalism, precision and competence of the entire team. Thanks to the full trust Production Code gave me, I felt perfectly at ease at every stage of the project's realization.”

Film Director

Maria Sole Tognazzi

“Working together for Borbonese was an unforgettable experience. I remember working on this project with immense pleasure, as the team worked in perfect harmony from the project’s conception to shooting. Elettra was extraordinary. It is a short film that I still watch today and that reminds me about how film-making is a wonderfully collective experience, therefore making the people around us of fundamental importance.”

Maria Sole Tognazzi
Film Director


“Travelling the world for work is a wonderful gift, but sometimes you don't feel comfortable with the people you work with. When you are lucky enough to be able to combine working with feeling at home, you realize that you are doing the most beautiful job in the world. And this has been my experience every time I have worked with Production Code! Thank you from the bottom of my heart again and again.”

Caterina Murino

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