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China Startup

Thanks to a joint venture with Wishful, Production Code’s international team can now develop digital editorial plans in Chinese, publishing content directly on China’s main social media platforms.

By collaborating with an e-commerce start-up with special cross-border logistic agreements, Production Code can help you sell Italian products on the Chinese market via social media platforms.

Florence – Milan – Hangzhou – Beijing

The role of social media in China

Over one billion people in China are connected to the internet. A growing audience who has become increasingly aware of online shopping, the Chinese public expects their shopping experience to be customized, original and aligned with China’s social and cultural environment. The Chinese market demands a flexible, punctual and immersive form of communication.

Choosing the right communication channels is therefore a crucial step in successfully entering the Chinese market.

Schermate con anteprime social cinesi

Social media use in China

Active users on social media


Percentage of the population on social media

0 %

Annual change in the number of active social media users

+ 0

Active social media users accessing via mobile phone


The service offered

Our team will take care of launching and handling the main social media profiles of your brand in China, producing original content in Chinese.


We offer a strategic analysis service to best position your brand in the Chinese market.

Social Media

We will launch and manage your company’s accounts on We-Chat, Red, Douyin and Weibo.


We will launch and manage mini programs on webchat, selecting over 50 SKU products for the Chinese market.

Additional Services

Production Code offers a range of additional services, from influencer marketing, live-streaming social ads, producing content for social media.

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