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From social media to e-commerce, Production Code offers you a full range of digital marketing services.

Social Media

Captivate new potential customers, bring targeted traffic to your website and increase your online presence.

Social Media Marketing: here at Production Code we are Content Creators specialized in developing editorial plans, managing social media channels and devising and publishing content for social media, with a focus on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok.

Social advertising: we also plan advertising campaigns on social media.

Platforms like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn already have their own internal channels to create targeted ads, allowing us to directly target your potential customers.

Web Projects

Production Code designs and executes a variety of digital projects, whether you want a showcase website for your products or you want to develop an e-commerce platform.
We will take the worry out of managing your website, either working by your side or by managing every aspect of your website.

Production Code will take charge of the entire project, conducting a preliminary analysis of your online presence, monitoring your web analytics and providing e-commerce consulting services.

Our aim is to guarantee that your business has the best strategic and operational advice to ensure you achieve your communication and commercial objectives.

Digital Marketing

Production Code offers web marketing services and consultations. We develop and manage showcase websites and e-commerce platforms, design editorial plans for social media, produce digital content, provide Search Engine Optimization and lead generation strategies, plan and manage social advertising, deliver newsletter and Search Engine Marketing.

We issue regular reports and data analyses and we optimize your business performance at a lower cost, using quantifiable and targeted advertising campaigns.

We are a team of social media and digital marketing managers and web strategists and we work closely with certified partners to make sure we provide the best expertise for all your digital needs.

Influencer & PR

First came the bloggers. Then YouTubers followed. Today, ‘influencers’ are on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Depending on the size of their fan base, the number of their followers and their level of engagement, influencers can be divided into micro-, macro- and big influencers, all the way up to brand ambassadors, who endorse your business. It’s the latest evolution of traditional Digital Public Relations.

With its extensive network of contacts, Production Code will build the right influencer marketing strategy for your brand and products. We will engage and select the best profiles for your target audience, producing content and measuring the performance and impact of your campaign.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses technology to optimize, automatize and measure the impact of repetitive online advertising campaigns on social media platforms, email, mobile devices, websites and much more.

Emailing has become a popular marketing choice. Marketing automation allows you to send highly personalized emails, carefully tailoring your content to the interests of your customers and meeting their needs at every stage of the decision process. Once an impossible feat for a single person to achieve, tailored email marketing has now become a feasible option thanks to automation platforms.
Production Code’s network of specialized partners will allow you to implement the best marketing automation processes for your business.

Web Reputation

A good online reputation is crucial for businesses and freelance professionals alike.

There are different ways to improve the online reputation of your business, especially in terms of search engine optimization, so that your customers can find you more easily.

Understanding what the public thinks of your products is key in designing targeted web marketing strategies that will stand the test of time.

Online Reputation Management includes monitoring, updating and deleting information that shapes your company’s online reputation.

Production Code’s dedicated team of professionals will guide you in understanding how to enhance your brand’s online image.


Production Code is your strategic positioning and branding expert and will take care of planning the digital activities that will reach your marketing goals, with a particular focus on lead generation and e-commerce.

We have experience working side-by-side with brands and start-ups launching their businesses in the world of e-commerce and we collaborate with hand-picked partners to provide the best technical expertise.

We have partnered with Shopify and work on all major open-source e-commerce platforms, notably WordPress (WooCommerce) and Prestashop.

Production Code will help you build a quality e-commerce website, supporting you in managing your budget and planning your media activities, so as to generate traffic and increase your potential sales.

Production Code will support you in fine-tuning your distribution channels, both online and in real life.

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